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Find your place on the Porch and at the Table.

The Purpose of Porch and Table

        So many people today feel disenfranchised and disconnected -- without a community to call their own. Others long for spiritual connections but are disinterested in traditional expressions of "church," often because they have been wounded by prior experiences or feel like they don't belong. In some cases, they feel like they aren't welcome or have been rejected by those institutions. The end result is that many people are opting out of anything "religious." And yet, all people need community -- a place where they belong, feel loved, and are free to explore the spiritual, without judgment or condemnation.

        The goal of Porch and Table is to address these issues by creating a platform that provides access to: (1) a community on the Porch; and (2) a space for honest discussions about spiritual matters at the Table, both of which can be easily replicated by anyone anywhere.


         The Porch – The Porch is open one day a week (e.g., Friday night) for any and all to come together and talk about anything and everything, but with the hope of steering conversations toward the spiritual.


        The Table – On a quarterly basis, the Table accepts reservations of 10-12 people to participate in “God Talks.” If you are interested, just reserve your place at the table on a first-come, first-served basis.


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