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Join us on the Porch
Fridays from 7pm-9pm at 2404 W 40th St in Stillwater

        The Porch is a kind of home base. A place where you can feel safe. A place where you can find shelter. A place where you will be loved. A place where you can be yourself among a group of friends. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

        So come join us on the porch just as you are and be who you are. No expectations. No judgment. No restrictions. 

        Come to talk about anything. We'll even set out conversation cards filled with topics that might interest you. But no pressure whatsoever. We'd love to talk about where you are on your spiritual journey, but at your pace. You might come for weeks before you enter one of those kinds of conversations, if ever. Still, when you're ready we'd love to share our journey and offer lessons learned along the way.

        No need to make a reservation. Just show up anytime between 7 and 9 of Friday evenings. We'll have a chair waiting just for you.

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